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PEZ - Blaze  PEZ - The Secret Life of Pets  PEZ - Smurfs  PEZ - Paw Patrol  PEZ - Hello Kitty Nerdy

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Authentic Dispenser
Animated Movies and Series
GeorgePeppa Pig       
PeppaPeppa Pig       
Barbie with bowSerie 2  B  purple dress   
Barbie with braidSerie 2  B  dark pink dress   
Barbie with glassesSerie 2  B  turquise with bow   
Barbie with t-shirtSerie 2       
Funky Faces
Walmart Museum SmileyWalmart Smileys       
Puck B'z Black       
Puck B'z White       
Movie Characters
Blue the RaptorJurassic World       
DilophosaurusJurassic World       
T-RexJurassic World       
Twin Pack T-Rec & Blue the RaptorJurassic World       
Non Dispenser
1960 VW Delivery VanM2 TrucksSerie 4       
Dextrose Packs
Blaze      PEZ - Blaze
Hello Kitty Nerdy      PEZ - Hello Kitty Nerdy
Paw Patrol      PEZ - Paw Patrol
Smurfs      PEZ - Smurfs
The Secret Life of Pets      PEZ - The Secret Life of Pets