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PEZ - Soft  StellaPEZ - Soft  RedPEZ - Soft  King PigPEZ - Soft  ChuckPEZ - Soft Berry Refill
PEZ - Soft Refill B PEZ - Sister Mimi  PEZ - Papa George  PEZ - Mama Mary  PEZ - Hello Kitty Fullbody Standing
PEZ - German Soccer Ball  PEZ - German Soccer Ball  PEZ - German Soccer Ball  PEZ - Smurfette C SittingPEZ - Smurf C Sitting, White Hat
PEZ - Papa Smurf C SittingPEZ - Brainy Smurf B SittingPEZ - Ball  PEZ - Bullseye Dog  PEZ - Dewey A Yellow Feathers
PEZ - Louie A Unpainted FeathersPEZ - Puck  PEZ - Truck  Blue cab, white trailerPEZ - Puck Kids

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Soft Berry RefillPEZ - Soft Berry Refill
Soft RefillPEZ - Soft Refill B
University of Utah 
SoftPEZ - Soft  Chuck
SoftPEZ - Soft  Red
SoftPEZ - Soft  King Pig
SoftPEZ - Soft  Stella
Puck KidsPEZ - Puck Kids
Puck GreenPEZ - Puck Green
Puck MagentaPEZ - Puck Magenta
Puck BluePEZ - Puck Blue
TruckPEZ - Truck  Blue cab, white trailer
TruckPEZ - Truck  Blue cab, white trailer
BallPEZ - Ball
BubblemanPEZ - Bubbleman
Brainy SmurfPEZ - Brainy Smurf B Sitting
SmurfettePEZ - Smurfette C Sitting
SmurfPEZ - Smurf C Sitting, White Hat
Papa SmurfPEZ - Papa Smurf C Sitting
Regular RemakePEZ - Regular Remake  Purple Top

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PEZ Containers Two Skull in Unopened Package, Two Santas
Time left: 13 min.
Pez Easter Bunny MOC
Time left: 14 min.
Vintage Disney Donald Duck PEZ Dispenser
Time left: 15 min.
Pez Rocket Pens Two Green and Yellow Candy Pen Dispensers Pocket Clip New
Time left: 16 min.
Time left: 17 min.

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